MARILYN HICKEY – October 2013 – Heretic of the Month





Marilyn Hickey is a modern female Televangelist known for preaching the prosperity gospel, thus taking advantage of  those gullible enough to believe this Scripture twisting nonsense.

Recently I emailed my name and address to Mrs. Hickey to be put on her mailing list.  Last week I received a letter form Marilyn and her daughter Sarah with a genuine $1.00 bill in it.  This seed gift to EZEKIEL3 Ministries , though quite small was a pleasant surprise until I read the letter that came with my $1.00 gift.  Can you believe it, Marilyn in return wanted me to sow a seed in her ministry of $30, $50, or $100!  She went on to explain how the previously mentioned seeds of faith could be  easily off set by  sending only $29, $49, or just $99 along with the $1.00 that she had just sent me.?

I do not want to send a seed gift, because I believe the “prosperity gospel” is nothing more than a religious scam played on ecumenical morons.  Marilyn and her daughter assumed that I fell off a stack of NIV babbles and hit my head on statue of Mary on the way down.  The scam gets worse!  She wants me to send her $1.00 back to her if I do not want to participate in seeding her ministry.  With postage and handling I would now be in the hole about 5o cents if I send her $1.oo back.

Before making a final decision on what to do with the $1.00 in question, I’m going to hold onto Mrs. Hickey’s $1.00 seed and wait to hear from my readers on this matter.  My readers, by majority opinion will decide what to do with the Hickey $1.00.  All opinions must be in by December 31, 2013.

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EZEKIEL 3 is extremely salty and has not lost any savor found in the AV1611 Holy Bible. If you are looking for compromise, this site is not for you! This site's objective is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to destroy false doctrines and expose false teachers. EZEKIEL3 makes no apologies to anyone who opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Christian" or otherwise. Deal with it!
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14 Responses to MARILYN HICKEY – October 2013 – Heretic of the Month

  1. Anonymous says:

    Marilyn Hickey has been using these scams for years, trying to manipulate her followers to send her money. Marilyn and Peter Popoff, another scammer should get together. lol

    • mary rubert says:

      It is sad how people bad mouth preachers you should be ashamed of yourself

      • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

        The deadline was December 31, 2013 for you to comment.

      • Marty says:

        Jesus also called out and said things about the false preachers of His day.

        False Preachers need to be exposed.

        Just because someone says the name of Jesus, it does not mean they speak truth of the REAL Jesus.

  2. down with heresy says:

    Id send it back sounds like she needs it more the then you

  3. B, Lily says:

    Bro.Ray I would keep the $1.00 and Pray for Marilyn.

    • admin says:

      B Lily: Sounds like a good advice, but I must wait till all the votes are in by Dec. 31, 2013 to decide what to do with the $1.00. Perhaps we should have a national day of prayer for all the heretics on TBN, INSP, and GodTV and etc. Seriously, no kidding, we should pray that they recover themselves out of the snare of the devil. Remind me later and maybe Ezekiel3 can kick start this National day of Prayer. Bro. Ray

  4. Betty says:

    By law you can keep the $1. You did not ask her to send you the $1 and she sent it of her own accord. I keep all money I get in the mail. This giving money to have you add to it is a gimmick by some very sly organizations. Marilyn has done great work in getting Bibles into countries that forbid it. I think she has been listening to the wrong message about getting money for her ministry and is not leaving it up to God to direct her. Many evangelists get lost in the glamor of it all. We can easily be as gullible as she is getting if we don’t pay close attention. We all fall short and we all fail at times. Thus we must always remember and pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in troubled times.
    Also, she may have never seen your letter and a secretary or staff member may have sent you that $1 request for contribution.
    Is our sin any less than hers. Thank God for His Son Jesus Christ who restores and never lets go.

    • admin says:

      Betty, Just got my computer up and running after an unexpected cyber crash.
      Thanks for the comment. That last statement will preach! Amen. Bro. Ray

    • john mqdden says:

      Shes a false teacher not one of the brethern

    • Davy says:

      You seem to be too gullible ? Jesus told us and warned us that false teachers would come in his name and deceive many ? These deceivers are not sheep but goats ? These goats serve there master the devil !! Jesus said my sheep hear my voice ? These goats hear satan and use the name of Jesus ? Thinking gain is godliness !! They are part of the world !! Less they be rebuked and reproved to the real truth they will perish … Would you whisper to them inside of a burning house to come out or would you take action and scream it out for them to come out ? Too many passive so called Christians this day who sit idle by as so many are led into the flames ?

    • Davy says:

      I would give that $1.00 to widow or a fatherless child and say that Jesus Christ wants me to give you this dollar ? If you will thank him for dieing on the cross for you ? Then when the fatherless child eats that piece of candy he or she will be thinking of Jesus … More faith is done in that action than Any of what the HICKYEYS ARE DOING ?

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