JESSE MORRELL – Mark Him And Avoid Him

Jesse Morrell is a well-known campus and street preacher  accepted by many without regard to  his many false doctrines.  Morrell is a candidate for Heretic of the Month here at Ezekiel3 in the near future.  The following diatribe was written by Jesse himself and appeared on FaceBook in a recent post.  Much more to come on this heretic who is swaying the opinions and beliefs of many who consider themselves to be somewhat in the street preaching community.  REMEMBER, the diatribe that follows below is some of  what Jesse believes and preaches in his own written words.  You be he the judge.

                                    BEWARE! of this man, Jesse Morrell!

The faith that saves is the faith that obeys. The same faith that justifies is the same faith that sanctifies. It was by faith that Abraham was justified and it was by faith that Abraham obeyed God.

But there is a false gospel of “justification by faith” today which is not really faith at all. This other gospel says that you can be saved and right with God if you “believe” in Jesus even though you continue in sin and wickedness. Repentance from sin unto a holy life is not at all necessary so long as you “believe” in Jesus.

But if you truly believe in Jesus Christ, you will believe what Jesus taught. You will believe that unless you repent you will perish. You will believe that he that builds on the rock is he that obeys. You will believe that it is better to cut off your hand or pluck out your eye than to be cast into hell with both. If a person truly believes in Jesus Christ, they will forsake their life of sin and follow Him in holiness.

Many of those who think that they are “justified by faith” have nothing more than what James said was dead demonic faith that cannot save.

If we truly believe in Jesus, we will believe what He taught that He that perseverance unto the end shall be saved. We will believe also what He taught that if the Son shall make you free, you will be free indeed. Those who believe in conditional security and who believe in Christian holiness are those who truly “believe” in Jesus.

But when a lot of people say that you need to “only believe in Jesus” to be saved, what they mean is that you must believe that Jesus gave you a license to sin – that He provided a way on the cross for you to be right with God while you continue in your sinning. But this is not to believe in Jesus at all. This is to believe in a false atonement, false Christ, false gospel. If you truly trust in Jesus, you will “go and sin no more” and “be perfect” as He commanded.

Well there you have it in the words of the Heretic himself.  What’s more alarming is that many big names in street preaching have accepted Jesse Morrell and uphold his heresies.  Ruben Israel works with and supports Morrell.  Jed Smock preaches regularly with Morrell and supports his false doctrines.  Doug Berry and wife host Morrell and preach with him and support his false doctrines.  These names are just a few who have bitten the apple that Jesse dangles in front of them.  BEWARE! of this man Jesse Morrell.  If he is talking, he is more than likely lying and blaspheming!

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EZEKIEL 3 is extremely salty and has not lost any savor found in the AV1611 Holy Bible. If you are looking for compromise, this site is not for you! This site's objective is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to destroy false doctrines and expose false teachers. EZEKIEL3 makes no apologies to anyone who opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Christian" or otherwise. Deal with it!
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28 Responses to JESSE MORRELL – Mark Him And Avoid Him

  1. The posts by Ray McIntire are the same foolish deceived pablum repeated by the MANY (Mat 7:13) , who have been bewitched by the eternal security/ Once Saved Always Saved / license to sin lie of the Devil (Gen 3:4 “Ye shall not surely die” [if you willfully sin against God]). Paul warned of these, saying their gospel is perversion, and that we should leave it accursed, as we should those who hold it. Gal 1:6-9). They have denied the one true faith by disassembling and re-interpreting hundreds of verses of scripture. Their table is full of vomit and filthy uncleanness; doctrines of devils, which breeds yet more deceit. They are at the heart of the falling away, Augustine being the chief SImon /sorcerer. They worship they know not what.

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Where did I say that Christians have a license to sin? Where? Where? WHERE? Perverting the words of God is claiming (as little Jesse does) that we can go years with out sinning. Little Jesse and perhaps you sin when you believe and uphold any other bible than the AV1611 as an English speaking person. YOU accuse me of disassembling Scripture when you cannot even find a copy of said Scripture that is perfect and needs not re-interpreting. I ASK YOU, Where can I find a perfect Bible that I can hold in my hands and read?, this question alone will cause you to begin stammering and back-peddling. SO NOW, Mr. Blind Guide where can I find a word perfect, doctrine perfect copy of the Scriptures, ANSWER ME AND ANSWER US ALL, WHERE? AGAIN WHERE.

      WAITING……………………………………………………………………………………and probably will be STILL WAITING…………….

  2. I found his explanation true how heretical Gnosticism and Manichaeism passed through Augustine directly into Luther and Calvin who studied Augustine intensely and spread the heresy of total inability across the Reformation and down through the centuries. For three centuries before, the apostles’ teaching and that of their disciples was always free will, yet Augustine demonstrated his lack of loving Christianity by having the Roman state punish those who disagreed with him. Augustine was not taught properly away from his Gnosticism and Manichaeism before being made Bishop. The Bible warns not to exalt a new Christian, and this case went spectacularly badly. Similarly Calvin had 58 people executed and 76 banished for disagreeing with Calvin’s theology. Servetus requested beheading, which was refused, and they tortured him by burning him at the stake with green wood so he baked alive from the feet upward, screaming for mercy and praying to Jesus for 30 minutes. This befits the heresy of Gnosticism that so infiltrated the church. How are Morrell and others wrong about this? Do you want to stick with the heresy of total inability so badly you follow people who did not demonstrate loving fruit in their lives? Jesus said clearly by their fruit you shall know them, and Jesus is so right about this.

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      What exactly are you saying? are you in favor of Jesse and his gang’s methods and message, or not?

    • AMEN, David Bicksler! I am certainly no longer a fan of Jessee Morrell, for he justifies the OUTRAGEOUS ecumenical, filthy, and hypocritical Jed Smock and others like him. But the things he preaches against Calvinism are absoluterly true and correct. Too bad his more recent political/pro rich man bent is giving the truth he preaches a bad name.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Bro. Ray,

    I came across some of Jesse Morrell and Ruben Chavez’s videos online and I find them deeply disturbing. And what’s worse is that even some of the younger street preachers, who I think have good intentions, have embraced that type of pseudo-Christian theology.

    The whole “I’m am a blameless sinner” thing Jesse and Chavez teach just goes against every instinct I have as a Christian. I myself have tried to interacting with these people on Youtube trying to talk some sense into them and they refuse to listen to reason.

    Can you tell me, what church do these people associate themselves with? Do they claim to be Baptist? Or are they something different altogether?

    Not being Baptist myself, I’m not entirely familiar with the different Baptist churches and preachers. So, please, forgive my ignorance if these people are something else entirely.

    Thanks so much and God bless!

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      I think Jesse is some kind of “holiness sect” and as far as I know he is not a member of or sent by any one church, although some do seem to support his so-called ministry. He and Chavez have no problem running with the Charismatic crowd. Chavez has a study in his home with him presiding and it is easier to nail jello to a wall, than to get him to talk honestly about his doctrine. Chavez told a friend of mine he will preach with anyone who will hold a sign. Just more boots on the ground according to Ruben. THEY ARE NOT BAPTIST IN ANY SENSE OF NON-SENSE OF THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jim says:

        Great to know! You’ve answered a lot of my questions.

        Any advice for dealing with these people in person? Or is it best to just walk by and ignore them?

        Just asking because I’m fairly certain I’ve seen these people preaching before around my city.

        • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

          Jim, here is your chance to street preach the “street screacher”. Ask them questions about the King James Bible (AV1611). They don’t believe it or any other bible is their final authority. Ask them in front of their audience what church or pastor sent them out, then get on your cell phone and call that church or pastor and send them immediate audio and video of the fiasco you are watching unfold. Correct them Scripturally in front of their audience. Challenge their false doctrines publically while you have them in front of you. REBUKE THEM SHARPLY!!

  4. Scott E Stewart says:

    It’s great to know that, in this age of Sloppy Agape and the myth of the “Sinning Saint,” there are still people like Jesse who are preaching the truth of God’s Word boldly and unapologetically. Can you please provide a link to the entire sermon?

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Scott, please type Dwane Karr in the search engine to the right of this post. You will learn much about “imputed righteousness and God’s salvation plan thru Dwanes’s writings. Do not be deceived, those of us who believe in “eternal security” DO NOT believe in sinning with abandonment.

      By the way have you sinned this week? I think you have. Have you prayed without ceasing? Have you rightly divided the word of truth? Do you know where to find a copy of the word of truth? Have you been holy as God is holy? You seem to believe like little Jesse that you have no sin, thus you call God a liar 1Jn. chapter 1 Check it out! Get back to us, will ya?

  5. Jack Korponay says:

    Wow!! I like your version of Christianity a lot better than Jesse’s. Believe in Jesus and sin all you want……WooHooo…….it’s party time!!!!

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Where did I say “sin all you want”? Have you read or noticed all the commandments in the New Testament? Example: you are commanded to study. Example: rightly divide the words of God. Example: walk wisely toward those that are without. Do you think Little Jesse walks wisely toward those without when he degrades students on college campi and works them into a wild frenzy that they could not hear the gospel even if he accidently preached it. I Jessy studied he would believe in “imputed righteousness” which he blasphemes and despises. I you think my critique of Jesse is upsetting, check out what I have to say about his Big Buddy Ruben Chavez Israel.

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Where did I say “sin all you want”? Have you read or noticed all the commandments in the New Testament? Example: you are commanded to study. Example: rightly divide the words of God. Example: walk wisely toward those that are without. Do you think Little Jesse walks wisely toward those without when he degrades students on college campi and works them into a wild frenzy that they could not hear the gospel even if he accidently preached it. I Jessy studied he would believe in “imputed righteousness” which he blasphemes and despises. I you think my critique of Jesse is upsetting, check out what I have to say about his Big Buddy Ruben Chavez Israel.

  6. Nothing wrong with what he said here

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Joseph, I used the same diatribe from Jesse I the following post “Jesse Morrell and Ruben Israel – A CLOSER LOOK” and corrected him with Scripture. Check it out and get back to me. I would like to hear your defence in light of Scripture. Up for the challenge? Bro. Ray

  7. EvangelistBLT says:

    What he is saying is correct; faith without repentance is not valid.

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      It is always about fleshly sins to you guys, “this ye ought to have done and not leave the other undone”, what about giving to the poor, forgiveness, charity, praying without ceasing, rightly dividing the word of God, etc., etc. You fail miserably of God’s standard then point the finger at someone you perceive to be worse off than you. You self-righteous fools.

  8. Q Silver says:


    I have been following Jesse on youtube and wondered about your criticism. I have been uneasy on the “perfection” claim that he makes but I do believe in the original sin of Adam.

    May I ask about babies, I always thought God would not punish you for something you did not know. The fact that children are ignorant of sin even though their nature makes them do it, God would not punish children, i.e babies in hell.

    Secondly free will. I wanted your opinion on (I believe) Abraham’s story of sacrificing his son and God stopping him and saying “now I know”. The way I see it is because God is eternal he can see the consequences of our choices, free will, and can see the path it would lead. Is it right to say God is all knowing but to satisfy the free will aspect it is up to us to chose which direction to go.
    In summary God knows what would happen in either path but leaves the choice for us.

    I thought Jesse method was interesting as many do not talk, let alone accept hell anymore.

    Look forward to your response.

    All the best and stay blessed

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      I do not believe I can be too critical when a man like Jesse is preaching a “false gospel”. I’m simply attempting to stop his mouth according to the Scriptures. You need to be aware that Jesse DOES NOT believe in the IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus Christ. He recently taught his false doctrine at a SOAPA Conference in Montana. See if that one is posted on YouTube. Without IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS where would or will we be? Simply be honest with yourself and the Scriptures and look at where we fall short of the glory of God every day. Do you pray without ceasing, do you rightly divide the words of truth, do you search the Scriptures or just gloss over them? These are all Bible commandments that we all have or do fall short in. Jesse has actually claimed while preaching that he does not sin??…!! Selah that one. Jesse is bosom buddies with heretics like Ruben Israel who likewise claims to be sinless because he makes up for his sins by preaching his false gospel tirelessly on the streets. Men like Jesse, Ruben, and Jed Smock are making a negative impact on our nation, thus hardening the hearts of young and old alike against the Gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Book of Romans. Dwane Karr wrote much on Ezekiel3 that refuted Jesse and Ruben’s claims of being sinless and their false gospel.

      As for infants, of course they go to heaven. You must be tempted before you can sin and an infant has no recognition of temptation let alone sin. You must be able to chose Christ before you can reject his free gift. A baby cannot do this.

      As for your third inquiry, “work out your own salvation” on that one.

      Yours in Christ, Bro. Ray

      • qsilver says:

        I agree, to claim to be sinless, perfection is not right. Its impossible. I believe it is still possible for christians to end up in hell as Jesus refered to some churches as lukewarm.

        Got to run but will think about your post.

        Many thanks.

        • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

          Hopefully we can find more time to discuss ETERNAL SECURITY, but for now use the search engine on the right and type in Dwane Karr for some good teaching from my late friend on Eternal Security. I will be contacting you via Email with some great books you can purchase to help your Bible Studies. God bless.
          Remind me via the comment section of this post if I forget.

          • Q Silver says:

            Thanks again.
            I am ashamed as I have not read the bible completely yet. I got so intrigued in Genesis and Revelations as I find it so fascinating. I listen to sermons on the two almost daily. Dont get me wrong, I have read most of it but to my shame must do it completely and in order.
            So all recommendations are welcome.

          • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

            Q, check out Peter Ruckman’s commentary on the Book of Revelation. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Ray says:

        Bro. Ray…

        Email me please.


        • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

          rayp0216, OK, I will try to email you on Monday. Can you tell me what this is about on this comment section. I will not publish your answer if you want it to be private. Bro. Ray

  9. Rob Hartman says:

    I can find no fault with what Jesse Morrell wrote.. Sin and holiness cannot co-exist. You can’t be a slave to righteousness and a slave to sin at the same time.

    • Bro. Ray McIntire says:

      Rob Hartman, really? Jesse Morrell is a heretic on many, many issues concerning all good doctrine. He wrests the scriptures to his and your destruction as well as others. Since you can find no fault with what Jesse wrote you are either ignorant and unable to read well or you are lost my dear reader. Jesse said much that will damn you as well as he to an eternal hell. These articles are not being written by me to hurt anyone but to get out the Biblical (AV1611) truth about salvation. You should know that Jesse does not believe we have a perfect Bible, anywhere.

      You Rob sin on a regular basis. Maybe not fornication, sodomy, drunkenness and other obvious fleshly sins. But you do sin. Read the epistles and look for those commandments that are hidden from you and other self-righteous self-saving heretics. You have inspired me to write another post about the faults in Jesse’s holiness doctrines. I will not promote one of the fleshly gross sins in the forgoing list, but I will show you just how wicked you really are in God’s sight. You need a Saviour my dear man. Read my salvation post on this blog and get right with God. Bro. Ray.

      PS stat tuned to find out how wrong and wicked you and Jesse and his friends really are.

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