Dear Santa,

             This year for Christmas I just want the truth;

            Come clean, if you will, and stop deceiving our youth!

            Isn’t it true that only Jesus knows

            When we’ve been good or bad, Santa, isn’t it so?

            And all of that hype about presents for everyone,

            You know the greatest gift is God’s beloved Son!

            And, Santa, are you really coming in the sky,

            Or will it be Jesus in the twinkling of an eye?

            And that home in the north of which you tell,

            Why, it’s really God’s throne, and your home is Hell!

            That’s right, Santa, you’re Satan in disguise;

            Folks could see it in your name if they’d open their eyes!

            So, come on, Santa, let’s have the real story,

            Just rip off your mask and give God the glory!


                                                                      A child of Jesus 

About Bro. Ray McIntire

EZEKIEL 3 is extremely salty and has not lost any savor found in the AV1611 Holy Bible. If you are looking for compromise, this site is not for you! This site's objective is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to destroy false doctrines and expose false teachers. EZEKIEL3 makes no apologies to anyone who opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Christian" or otherwise. Deal with it!
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