Authority – What’s Your Final Answer?

The most important, all inclusive part of the Statement of Faith in most English speaking churches (Baptist and otherwise)  goes something like this:

We believe the scriptures to be the verbally, plenary, inspired Word of God as given in the original tongue, and that God’s Word is the final authority. 

Can you say, GENERIC?  The above sentence can be found in thousands of churches across the world (almost verbatim).  The sentence being questioned here is so generic you cannot even discern what flavor it is.  But, you can discern what flavor it is not. Shall we taste it?

“AS GIVEN IN THE ORIGINAL TONGUE”, is a phrase that wipes out any bible version on the planet.  Please listen carefully. I, nor you, nor we have  any of the ORIGINALS.  Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ,  (in the flesh and on this planet) before his death burial, and resurrection did not have or read the ORIGINALS. 

Next, let’s look at the phrase “Word of God” used out of context in this Statement of Faith, or lack thereof.  Really?, we are talking about the scriptures here, not the Saviour.   When the word, “word” is capitalized in the scriptures it is being used as another name 0f Jesus Christ.  

1John 1:1. “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;”

Several other times in the scriptures the phrase  “word  or words of God” (small “w”) is a reference to the scriptures.

Before we move on let’s look at the phrase “God’s Word is the final authority”  Again we are talking about the scriptures; not the Saviour; and this word need not be capitalized; and should be plural.  The correct phrase should read something like this; God’s words are the final authority; if we are being intellectually and spiritually honest.

With all the above being  said it easy to see how and why there have been 230 plus perversions of the holy scriptures pushed upon us since God the Holy Ghost inspired the translators the AV1611 Holy Bible.  Today, almost all professing Christians do not have any “FINAL AUTHORITY” in their life concerning faith and practice. 

Before the turning of the 20th Century the AV1611 had stood for almost 300 years and brought waves of  revival throughout the English speaking world, as well as prepare missionaries going into all the world and preach the gospel.  Now, almost without exception “professing Christians” do not even know where to get a perfect copy of the scriptures or even believe that a perfect copy exists. 

My following questions to you can be answered correctly with a simple YES or NO and the name of THE BOOK, without stuttering or alibis.

(1) Are the scriptures perfect, inerrant, infallible with no need of correction from the Greek, Hebrew, or lexicons? YES

(2) Is there a perfect copy of the scriptures available to the common man or woman which can be read in English and be understood on a 5th to 8th grade level? YES

(3) Can this Bible be readily purchased? YES

(4) Will my preacher or anyone else be able to correct or improve upon it before or after  the coming the Second Coming? NO

(5) Which Bible is this?  AV1611 HOLY BIBLE (Authorized Version)






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