Letter to Pastors


You should have not doubts about it,  we are living in the last days!    Churches calling themselves by the name of Jesus Christ,  are carelessly driving down the road of deception to a place and time called Laodicea.   That being said, we would be wise to ask ourselves, “How did they get to Laodicea and how long did it take?”  Furthermore, we would be even wiser to consider, “Are we heading to Laodicea ourselves?”

Since early in the 20th Century,  Christian churches have changed so much; for the worse;  the apostle Paul could and would not recognize them as the churches of the Living God.  What most modern “christian” churches have evolved into, is more than enough to make the apostle Paul turn over in his grave, or possibly spin at high rotation.  Curious? Read on.

Churches began the downward trek to Laodicea when they left the infallible, inerrant words of the Living God and began to feed on ashes.  Along the road to Laodicea, English-speaking men and women rejected and attempted to correct the words of the Living God, given to us in the 1611 Authorized Holy Bible. They began clinging to any of more than 200 perversions of the Bible offered them by Godless, and greedy publishers.  This apostasy began in earnest with the American Standard Version, and continues to this day.

With God’s Final Authority (AV1611) for all matters of faith and practice out of the way, the path to Laodicea is wide open with multitudes on it.  What road are you on?


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EZEKIEL 3 is extremely salty and has not lost any savor found in the AV1611 Holy Bible. If you are looking for compromise, this site is not for you! This site's objective is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to destroy false doctrines and expose false teachers. EZEKIEL3 makes no apologies to anyone who opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Christian" or otherwise. Deal with it!
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