Ezekiel3 Challenge

Zeke is issuing  challenges to those believing and teaching false doctrines including, but not limited to faith healers, works salvation, laughing spirit, and etc.

This challenge will be on the fun subject of  “Oral Roberts and/or any other FAITH HEALERS”.

Here are the rules for the debate.

  1. I will make a post listing the challenge on a specific subject such as the “FAITH HEALERS”.
  2. Next I will list all the scripture I can find to support the subject of this debate.
  3. Then you can use the comment section to list as many as 50 words of Scripture to support your ideas on the subject at hand. 
  4. I will use 50 words or less of my own to expound on the Scripture that I think you used out of context.
  5. After this, each of us will have opportunity to respond 3 times with 50 words or less to defend our positions on the subject at hand. 
  6. Our objective is to arrive at the truth.

OK, here is the subject – FAITH HEALERS.  Sorry, I could find no supporting Scripture.  Your move.

About Bro. Ray McIntire

EZEKIEL 3 is extremely salty and has not lost any savor found in the AV1611 Holy Bible. If you are looking for compromise, this site is not for you! This site's objective is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to destroy false doctrines and expose false teachers. EZEKIEL3 makes no apologies to anyone who opposes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "Christian" or otherwise. Deal with it!
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