“Every word of God is pure”

Something to consider is the word Pure.  God said in (Prov.30:5) that “Every word of God is Pure”. And in (Ps.119:14)) “Thy word is Very Pure”. And (Ps.12:6) “The words of the Lord are Pure Words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, Purified seven times. Then in (Ps.12:7)”Thou shalt Keep them, O Lord, Thou  shalt Preserve Them from this generation for ever.” Clearly God said He would give us His Pure Words and then Preserve His Pure Words. Now the word “Pure” means: “Free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind”, and “Being that and nothing else.” Thus for a Bible to be Pure, by definition, that Bible would have to consist of nothing but God’s exact inspired and preserved words. One word in the entire Book that wasn’t Purely from the mouth of God would taint the entire Book. That Book-Bible would not be Pure, much less Very Pure. For God to be true to His word the KJV must be Perfect. If it is not then one of the other translations has to be or God is a liar. Chew on that a while. It is an undeniable fact, or the 3 verses I started with are all wrongly using the word Pure. Look the word up in any dictionary. Pure must be All of whatever substance it is without any trace of anything else. God is not a man that He should lie. God by nature would not leave us without a Pure Bible. Not with eternity hanging in the balance.

Authored by my friend Duane Karr

3 Responses to AV1611 – GOD’s PURE WORDS

  1. George Pierson says:

    For God to be true to His word the Officially Autographed King James 1611 Bible must be Perfect? Where does it say that in the Officially Autographed King James 1611 Bible? Are you claiming that unless the Officially Autographed King James 1611 Bible, then God cannot be true to his word, but a liar?

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