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EPHESIANS 5:19 “christian rock” the WORSHIP OF WORSHIP

The serpentine “spirit” behind christian rock, christian rap, and CCM has slithered into the house of the living God disguised as contemporary worship.  God’s house; the ground and pillar of the truth; is being polluted by the devil’s music!  Contemporary … Continue reading

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MENTAL MORPHINE  Hip hop, rap, and rock; “christian and otherwise”; have the power to alter the natural rhythms of our bodies.  Most noticeably the human heart is affected by the loud heavy beat felt in c-rock, c-rap, and hip hop mu-sick.  Exposure … Continue reading

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WINTER JAM 2014 – News Flash!

WINTER JAM 2014 – News Flash Lecrae the c-rapper Headlines 2014 Winter Jam The powers and principalities of the air hovered with bated breath as they watched apostates and reprobates from all over the region, representing Churches of Christ, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Nazarenes, … Continue reading

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WINTER JAM 2014 Wolves in sheep’s clothing will appear on stage as angels of light. Lost and saved alike WILL NOT be able to hear Jesus saying, “ye worship ye know not what”; because the serpentine spirit that drives Rock, Rap, and CCM … Continue reading

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David Chisholm’s Rebellion!!

The following is a public rebuke of a local ministry and is being used as a tool to warn a global readership.  You will need to review both videos, especially the one listed at the end of this post to … Continue reading

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RUSH OF FOOLS CONCERT attended and applauded by Bible ignorant apostates!

Hear now this, O foolish people and without understanding; which have eyes , and see not; which have ears, and hear not: Jer. 5:21 Rush Of Fools “a christian rock band” deceived a packed house last night as they brought their so-called MU-SICK MINISTRY … Continue reading

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