If  I asked you the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom preached by Jesus and the twelve apostles and the  Gospel of Grace given to and  preached by the Apostle Paul, would you have known there was a difference?   Would you know if there was a difference or be able to explain how God’s second offer to the Jews ended with the stoning of Stephen?  I ask these questions out of concern that the Kingdom Gospel is still being preached instead of the Church Age Gospel of Grace by modern heretics.  I’m  asking these questions because the Acts of  the Apostles is a transition book and many are deriving false doctrines and teachings from this book in the word of God.  Let us attempt to set the record straight.

The Book of Acts begins with God giving Israel a second chance to receive Jesus Christ their Messiah after they had rejected and crucified Him. (Acts 1-7).  God’s second chance offer ended with the stoning of Stephen.  The Kingdom Gospel was still being preached up until the end of Acts 7.  Do you know the Church Age Gospel of Grace given to the Apostle Paul and the Kingdom Gospel preached during the ministry of Jesus Christ and to the end of Acts 7 are not the same Gospel?   These different Gospels  are not for the same people in the same dispensations.  The first; the Kingdom Gospel;  is for the Jews and the second; the Grace Gospel; is for the Gentiles and the Jews in the Church age.  Things that are  different are not alike or the same.

Do you realize if Israel had received Jesus Christ in Acts 1-7 there would have been no Church Age?   Did you know the baptism in Acts 2 is the baptism of John the Baptist.? Rightly Dividing the word of truth is critical to getting the Bible right.  Why am I talking about this? Because there were NO CHRISTIANS IN ACTS 2.  I am trying to give you light so  you see  that Acts 2:38 is not Gentile baptism.   That is why it was done in the name of Jesus.

Honestly, how could there be any Christians there in Acts 1-7 when the word Christian does not show up until Acts 11:26?  “And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”  In Acts 2 nobody had any knowledge of the Apostle Paul’s Gospel of Grace, our gospel in this the Church Age.   During Acts 1-7 Paul was still a devout member of the Sanhedrin and persecuting all those who did believe Jesus was the Messiah.  A man must understand that or he will never get his Bible right.  If no one on Earth knew anything about our gospel and thus no one was, or could have been a Church Age Christian at that time; why in the world would anyone think Acts 2:38 was the way Christians are saved today?  Baptisimal regerationists will  quote Acts 3:19.  In it Peter was preaching the message of National Repentance hoping they would convert, (The Religious and Political leaders of Israel) and if they would have then the National sins would have been blotted out.  They didn’t then and they won’t  convert now and have their sins blotted out until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.   Acts 1-7 was  Israels second chance. There are no Christians in Acts 1-7.

The first man converted like we are was the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8.  After Stephens stoning, Israel’s 2nd chance was over and God turned to the Gentiles. Before that all the dealings were between Israel and God.  If you want to talk about how men are saved today in the Church Age you must start with Acts 8 through Philemon, that is where you will find our Church Age Doctrine.   Paul is the last Apostle and the Apostle to the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13 1Cor.  15:8)  written by Dwane Karr