No.11- Quote Bro. Ray On This

All who believe in water regeneration should  bring their hymn books up-to-date by changing one word in the title and lyrics of “ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS”  to Onward Christian SAILORS since they like to spend so much time in and around the water.

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Idle Shepherd or IDOL SHEPHERD?


When we  search the scriptures, we find we are to live  by every word of God.   Furthermore, when we rightly divide the words of God (AV1611) we notice  God the Holy Ghost chose the word IDOL in the following verse instead of the word IDLE which some have read into this verse.

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock!  Zechariah 11:17

We, being prudent will explore why God used the word IDOL.

These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.  Jude 1:16

Have you not noticed how media ministers have crept into houses and led silly women  (2Tim. 3:6) and their men into false doctrine and damnable heresies?  This has been done by media ministers (TV, radio, internet, etc.) whom they all admire and defend.  Fake healing, Christian rock, Christian rap, lordship salvation, the meal that heals, various water dogs,  and an innumerable host of heresies are introduced through unaccountable media ministers.  With this being said, my advice is as follows.

Get into an AV1611 Bible believing church that glorifies Jesus Christ and preaches the gospel as given us by the apostle Paul.  Churches that magnify the Holy Spirit without giving preeminence to Jesus Christ are not doctrinally sound.  Selah.

All of these IDOL SHEPHERDS have left the flock (local church) and have began to murmur against the AV1611 Holy Bible and complain about the local Bible believing churches.  They all offer something more not found in the pages of the Holy Scriptures (AV1611 of course).

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No.10 – Quote Bro. Ray On This

Every time I show you truth from the AV1611, more than likely it will be contrary to the Bible perversions.

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No.9 Quote Bro. Ray On This

You cannot expose tyranny without pointing to  the tyrant.  Likewise I cannot expose heresies without pointing out the heretics.

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No.8 – Quote Bro. Ray On This!

I cannot join the Campbellites (Churches of Christ), because scripture pulls the plug on their baptistery of deceit! 

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No.7 – Quote Bro. Ray On This!

Those in the ecumenical movement embrace one another’s false doctrines and unbelief,  thus they become the spiritually blind leading the spiritually blind into the ditch of spiritual darkness.

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No.6 – Quote Bro. Ray On This!

The Ecumentical’s practice of accepting and preferring non-Biblical traditions of men and doctrines of devils in place of good Biblical (AV1611 of course) doctrine is sympathy for the devil. 

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No. 5 – Quote Bro. Ray On This!

Ecumenical-ism is the cloak of compromise for the fearful and unbelieving.

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Perhaps This Will Help

Posted in 2012 as I Almost Forgot What I Was Like

Today I remembered how frustrated I was before coming to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins and eternal life.  I was young; about 10 years old; when I became aware of my sin problem and separation from the Holy God.  I sensed that the God of the Bible; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;  was angry with  and at me, yet I did not know how to be reconciled to this one true God.  I tried with short bouts of what I thought was righteous living lasting until the next temptation presented itself.  Frustration quickly set in as I grew older and my sins grew in quantity and variety.  I will not give details; but my sins were first against a holy God, and many times involved or had direct ill effect on others, and I added sin to sin before and during my teen years.

The Hellish icing on the cake, so to speak, was the nagging thought that I had committed the unpardonable sin, even though I did not know what it was or when I did it.  Also I was ambushed with the lie and trap of Satan that I had to confess to mankind all the evil I had committed in my short 17 years.  Though I was still a young man, my sinswould have serious repercussions that a young teen could not bear!

But!, thank God through my Saviour Jesus Christ for his servant Grandma Miracle.  Grandma Miracle was a member of a church where I visited a revival one Sunday night in the Spring of 1972, on a quest for some type of relief from my burden of sin.  She was able to do what no one else in my life was able to carry out.  She gave me the gospel of Jesus Christ in no uncertain terms.  Grandma Miracle (that’s her real name) was able to make me understand that as long as I had a desire to have my sins blotted out and a desire to be reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus Christ, I had not committed any unpardonable sin or sins.  I’m eternally grateful for that good news!  Next she was able to convince me that my sins only involved God and me and that Jesus already knew about them, and had paid the price of my sins on the cross at Calvary. And all I had to do was receive it by faith.  I did. The Holy Ghost of God took up residence in my body, I was born again!!  Praise God!!!  The Bible teaches that we will find God when we seek him with all our heart, and when I gave up on my foolish notions and surrendered all my fears to God and put faith into what the word of God says; Alas;  I was born again through faith in Jesus’ blood.

I have written this post to help others who might be wrestling with the same fears I was and to show all my readers how to be reconciled to the one true God of the Holy Bible.  God Bless.

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No.4 – Quote Bro. Ray On This!

AV1611 HOLY BIBLE, often imitated, but never duplicated!

Image result for king james bible

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